Youpon Electronic

Youpon Electronic Material Co. Ltd was founded in 2006. It was specialized in production of flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL). It has built up a 5000m2 plant in Xianning, Hubei Province, with 5 precision coating lines, and monthly productivity amounting to 450,000m2.To better accommodate to the needs of customers in the Pearl River Delta, we have set up our marketing department and warehouse in Dongguan headquarter.

Our products cover a full range. Mostly are double-sided, single-sided, coverlay, andreinforced board, used in camera lens, LED module, backlight, touching screen, flexibleLED, antenna board and etc. The minimum precision coating film thickness can achieve8um; minimum copper thickness 1/4 oz, PI thickness 12.5um. We can supply products ofvarious thickness under customer’s requirements.

Through 8 years’ strenuous effort, Youpon has become one of the largest enterprises in FCCL industry. We have always emphasized the value of people and sought development through technology. We take priority in customer’s requirements and value quality the most. We attach great importance to environmental protection and conduct operation in an environmental friendly way. Our products are fine and stable in quality, competitive in price and fast in delivery. We have long strategic cooperation with customers, showing our advantage through forming a supply chain within us.