Yidong,Responsibilities for the Nation:

Yidong Responsibilities for the Nation:
1.Conduct business by law, take initiative to pay tax and create employment for society
Over the years, Yidong Technology Group has created a large amount of tax revenue for the state along with its expansion and always ranked the top as tax payers among the private businesses of Guangdong Province, making great contribution to local economic development. At the same time, it has provided nearly 5,000 positions, solving the problem of employment for job-seekers from society and new graduates from universities.
2.Assist government with scientific research to promote industrial development and rejuvenize industrial economy
Yidong Group has always taken self-innovation as its primary strategy and sought development through science and technology. Its precision tooling technology has been identified by Science and Technology Bureau of Guangdong Province as achieving the domestic advanced level and ahead of international level. Its tooling center has been authorized by Dongguan municipal and Guangdong provincial government as the Precision Tooling Center of Dongguan City and Guangdong Province, taking responsibility of assisting government to develop tools for small and medium enterprises.
3.Make technological breakthroughs, rejuvenating the country by science
Through integration of “production, training and research”, the Group has been sticking to the road of self-innovation and exploitation. In 2004, it won the bid for Breakthrough Projects of Guangdong-Hong Kong Critical Field with reward of 3 million RMB by the government, carrying out research on “key technology for precision high speed progressive punching tool and its application in IT industry”, which is awarded with the second prize for Dongguan Production, Training Research Calibration Scheme Competition in the same year. It has been authorized by the Guangdong provincial government as high and new technology and private tech enterprise.
Yidong Responsibilities to Shareholders:
Yidong Group, by taking “creating profit for shareholders” as one of its missions and shareholder’s value as the most important interest, has made management optimization and capital restructuring to enterprises invested by itself to enhance their business capacity and core competiveness so that they have been able to show encouraging changes in business revenue and bring generous profit for shareholders, who, in return, had been more acknowledged and supportive to the Group and confident in the management of the Group.
yidong Responsibilities to customers:
Guided by the principle of “do our job by heart to touch customer’s heart” and the “customer-focused, service-oriented” policy, Yidong Technology Group cares about each requirement proposed by customer at any time and any place and try our utmost to satisfy them through our all-aspected, professional and efficient services. Following the “surviving by quality” and “keep improving for first rank” policy, we have paid close attention to product quality and committed to provide “zero defect” products to customers. It is our intent to set up a long-term, proactive and stable strategic partnership with customers through providing them with products and services exceeding their expectations to enhance their satisfaction and loyalty to us.
yidong Responsibilities to employees:
By taking “create careers for employees” as one of its corporate missions, Yidong Technology Group has implemented the “build up the strength of enterprise by talent” policy. We carry out humanity management, respect the human right of each employee, care about their wholesomeness and treat each of them by ethic. All employees are provided with open, fair and justified environment, consummate welfare policy, wide career development space, and a scientific incentive system which allow each of them with equal opportunities to give full play of their role. Besides, different trainings, educations, career development plans and business support are provided corresponding to different phases of development of employees so that they are able to integrate their own value of life closely with the ups and downs, honors and dishonor of the enterprise and willing to grow up with the enterprise together.
yidong Responsibilities to communities:
At the time when Yidong Technology Group was developing itself, it has never stopped giving back to society. Over the years it has committed itself to charity and public programs and made over hundreds of millions of donations to them. Through motivating employees to join the charity activities such as “sending care and affection”, “young volunteers” “sunshine project” and etc., we have made donations to help the elderly with no family, unemployed veterans, the disabled and dropout students, bringing love and care to a lot of people in need of help. Besides, the Group has set up “innovation fund” and “business initiation aid fund” to cultivate industrial talents for communities and encourage the most talented to be entrepreneur.