Technology Achievement

* Yidong won the bid for Breakthrough Projects of Guangdong-Hong Kong Critical Field with reward of 3 million yuan by the government, carrying out research on “key technology for precision high speed progressive punching tool and its application in IT industry”. This project obtained experts’ approval and was considered as the leading technology within the country and the world.
* Won the second prize in Dongguan Production&Research&Study coordination program competition.
* Won the title of“ private high-tech enterprise of Dongguan” and“Private high-tech enterprise of Guandong Province”, and “high and new technology enterprise”.
* Set up the Precision Progressive Tool Engineering Center of Dongguan after being approved by the Science and Technology Bureau of Dongguan.
* Undertook the technical renovation program for on-line detecting technology for electronic information components entrusted by Economic and Trade Bureau of Dongguan.
* Chosen as the “excellent private high-tech enterprise” and one of the “50 top private enterprises of Dongguan” by Dongguan municipal government.
* Set up the Technology Center of Dongguan Enterprises; Undertook the technical renovation bidding program for electronic connector integration production technology entrusted by the provincial bureau and the technical renovation program for narrow interval connector terminal entrusted by the municipal bureau.
* Undertook the Guangdong-H.K. Critical Field Breakthrough Program (special for Dongguan): high-performance electronic connector integration production technology and its industrialization; Undertook the Guangdong provincial technical renovation bidding program for assembly of electronic connectors; Set up the electronic connector precision tool engineering technology research center of Guangdong Province.
* Won the third prize for scientific progress of Guangdong Province, the first prize for scientific progress award of Dongguan and become a patent breeding enterprise of Dongguan.
* Undertook the provincial technical renovation rolling program, the critical technology development for mini backlight and its industrialization; Undertook the municipal technical renovation program for production of high reliability LCD terminal.
* Obtained patent excellence award of Dongguan; Chosen as one of the top 50 private enterprises of Dongguan by the Dongguan municipal government.
* The municipal technical renovation program: production technology renovation for electro-optic annunciator converter shell.
* Chosen by the Science and Technology Bureau of Dongguan as the candidate enterprise to be listed on security market, one of the 100 key enterprises for equipment manufacturing industry of Guangdong Province, the model enterprise for manufacturing information program of Dongguan during the 11th 5-year plan period, and the patent pilot enterprise of Dongguan.
* The technology center was chosen by the Dongguan Municipal government as the Guangdong provincial level technological center for enterprises.
* The Guangdong provincial level technology and engineering research center was formally identified.