Identification System

Corporate Vision: become a famous-brand enterprise ahead of global precision manufacturing industry
Corporate Mission: to create better life for human being; to increase value for customers, bring income for shareholders and develop careers for employees.
Operation Policy: To strive for survival by quality, to develop by science and technology, to build up brand by customer-focused service.
Core Value: Nation and people must come first, enjoy trust by quality and grow strong by innovation.
Corporate Spirit: Keep forging ahead and exploiting through unity and creativity; Operate business with integrity, dedication, pragmatism and efficiency.

Conduct Idntity:
Code of Conduct: Uphold the scientific development perspective and market-guided, human oriented principle.
Vocational Code of Conduct:
Leaders: Be politically determined, diligent and incorruptible; Conduct management in a scientific and democratic way; Seek growth through unity.
Managers: Pursue for scientific management with pragmatism and efficiency; Be initiative and potent in execution.
Researchers: Have a good mastery about rules and thorough understanding about technology; Be cooperative, tolerant, and innovative.
Sales: Have exquisite business skills and industrious spirit; Be cooperative and forth-going.
Workers: Be passionate to work, proficient in skills; Handle operation with safety and guarantee quality of products.
Service Personnel: Provide fine quality service with good manner, sincerity, fairness and credibility.

Visual Identity:

 Visual Identity