FPC Division

FPC is the simplified form for flexible printing circuit. Its products are light, thin and easily assembled in 3-dimensions. Since 1960’s FPCs have been widely used in military, civil life, medical treatment and automobile. Today they have become indispensable electronic components for electronic industry along with the boom of portable electronic products and people’s pursuit for lighter and thinner products.

Yidong Electronics sets up its FPC business division in 2009. We have enlisted able people to serve us and strengthened our management teams in order to seek remarkable achievement and bring benefit to society. With 20 year’s experience in management, we are able to provide fine quality services, fast delivery at reasonable price to customers, and win compliment from global famous customers.

With a determination to keep polishing our technology and develop along with our customers, we are moving forward steadfastly towards an international FPC supplier.

Besides excellent management manner, we know that fine production equipment is also necessary to guarantee stable quality and productivity, so we spend huge investment for them and build up our workshop up to international quality level. For instance, we have the parallel light exposure machine, vertical continuous copper plating lines, automatic electroless nickel gold lines and many horizontal wet processing equipments, which enable us to provide the best services for customers.