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Musashino chemical glass cutting technology

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       Compared with CNC glass machining, Musashino chemical glass cutting technology has the following advantages: less defective rate, less manpower cost, and no need for polishing and second time reinforcement.

¡¡¡¡Musashino chemical glass cutting technology is applicable for glass processed into intelligent mobile and flat glass. It corresponds with 2.5D processing, light resistance evaluation, and entrusting development projects. As the material---- the etching liquid is self-made, we can immediately get the solution ready for various types of glass; Musashino provides chemical glass cutting processing equipment (double sided light resistance coating machine, baking oven, double sided exposure machine, developing machine, scriber, breaker, etching machine, light resistance stripping machine, washing machine) and various materials (insulation material, developing material, stripping liquid, etching liquid). The processing plan can be offered as per customer’s requirement.

¡¡¡¡Musashino chemical glass cutting technology walks together with you on OGS technology. Welcome to give us inquiry.

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