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Recognition Meeting Held to Honor the Excellent Employees of the 2nd & 3rd Quarter

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On Nov.8th,2013, Yidong Electronics held a recognition meeting at the training room at the 6th floor of Building E to honor the excellent employees selected in the second and the third quarter. This is to promote the corporate culture, reward the advanced employees and give them a stage to show themselves so as to encourage people to strive for greater success as what did by them. General manager Mr. Jiao Jianzhong, directors of each business divisions, and managers of each function department, and the excellent employees of all departments were present at the meeting

On the jubilant scene of the recognition meeting, the striking banner complement best with the enthusiastic smile of each participant. After the HR department announced the award winner list, general manager Mr. Jiao and the president’s assistant Mr. Li issued the honor certificate to them and took a group photo together with them to mark the occasion.

Following that Liu Xuewu from quality management center gave a speech on his feelings for the prize on representative of the whole prize winners. His speech, sincere and unadorned, won applause from all participants. General manager Mr. Jiao gave recognition on what they have achieved in their work and called all employees to model after them and learn from their spirit of cherishing posts and devoting wholeheartedly to work. He said such spirit shall be carried forward in Yidong.


The excellent employees of the second and third quarter were selected under the principle of fair, justice and opening. Through recommendation by each department and reviewed by the HR department, a total of 64 excellent employees were selected. Their hard work and strenuous effort were recognized by the whole. They are “dependable, hard-working, and willing to do”, they have made uncommon achievement on the common positions. To turn the “simple and easy” into remarkable is just what we shall learn from them. Let’s express our respect to them and wish them a greater success.