Technical innovation is a permanent subject for enterprise development and the origin for their sustainable development. In order to improve our innovation capability, enhance our core competitiveness in domestic and international market, promote sustainable development, the corporation has pooled together many famous experts and scholars in precision manufacturing and established an research center composing over 200 technical professionals from different fields in electric interconnector, photoelectric display, telecommunication and semi-conductor. It has also set up a 6,000 m2 specialized site for tool innovation, new product test and inspection, equipped with a large number of advanced equipment, such as optical curve grinder, 3-D grinder, CNC, precision surface grinder, EDM, slow linear cutter, and etc. Each year large amount of capital is invested into innovation, accounting for 10-15% of the total sales revenue, and still incremental year by year.

Besides, the corporation has established cooperation with many higher education research institutions and international scientific organizations, forming its own “production, training and research”integrated system. We hold regular seminars, invite senior experts and scholars to tackle technical obstacles and sends excellent technicians to pay visits abroad to learn the latest and advanced technology, which were integrated into product innovation to update our product. With these we have kept ourselves in pace with the top level of the world. We have also set up the “innovation fund”to encourage all employees to join in and give play to their own intelligence in an open and fair environment to make them an original driving force for the corporation’s innovation.

Our precision tool and stamping technology have been identified by the Guangdong Bureau of Technology as topping the national level and up to international level. We have occupied absolute advantage in global LCD and HIC terminal market, and our electric products and tooling center have both been authorized as the “precision tooling center of Dongguan” and “precision tooling center of Guangdong”, assisting the government to help design and make tools for small and medium sized enterprises.