Precision Stamping Division

Precision stamping Division was founded in 1997, the first plant of Yidong Group. As a predecessor of Yidong Group, it is the headstone and also the most competitive business division of the Group.

Through over 10 years strenuous effort, Yidong’s terminal parts have dominated global market, of which LCD terminals occupied 85% global market. In 2011, total sales revenue for precision stamping business division has exceeded 300 million yuan.
The division hold steadfastly to the principle of technical innovation in terminal production. We have obtained 15 national patents. Under invitation by the municipal and provincial technical department, we have carried out technical renovation for high reliability LCD terminals and other terminals, making great contribution to the country’s terminal industry.

In the coming two years, we will continue upgrading the existing equipment to make production more automated and modernized, and increase our productivity dramatically. Looking into future, we will turn to upgrading of products to develop high-end and intelligent products to accommodate to the needs of more customers.

We have a 4000 m2 modern factory, clean and tidy environment, with temperature regulated by central air-conditioning. All stamping machines are operated in a totally enclosed way. The workshop walls have powder coating and sound insulation.
We have over 100 internationally most advanced high speed punches, with stamping speed achieving 2000 Spm maximum, monthly productivity 1.5 billion pcs. We can do high speed stamping for parts at 0.04mm ultra-thin, and for minimum blade of 0.08mm. Maximum precision degree can achieve +/-0.015mm. We have fully automated on-line testing and inspection system, ensuring stable quality for parts.

Networked management is implemented in the whole workshop, from staff members, machines, to materials, enabling information to be timely processed.

With strong force in technology and management, fine quality equipment for production and testing, we are sure to become your best cooperation partner.