Optical Film

 Optical Film Productivity:

*  Monthly capacity: 4.25 million m²;
*  Product type:
   Crylic Acid Adhesive Series
   Polyurethane Adhesive Series
   Organic Silicon Adhesive Series
*  Imported 4 automatic coating lines;
*  Various types of coating head:  extrusion, intaglio, dent;
*  Width : 520mm¡¢1,200mm¡¢1,300mm¡¢1,600mm;
*  Air float oven, UV curing by US microwave;
*  Coating workshop cleanness controlled at 10,000 level£¬Coating unit at 1,000 level(through 2nd time cleansing);
*  Slitting workshop cleanness controlled at 10,000 level;
*  All workshops shall be at constant temperature and humidity (25±5¡æ¡¢50±10% RH).

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