Optical Electronics Division

Optical Electronics division was founded in 2004. It was specialized in R&D and design of small sized LCM backlight and its tool fabrication, injection, metal stamping, SMT, film cutting and assembly. Its products are mostly sold to domestic famous LCM module manufacturers and overseas customers in Europe, America and Japan.

The Dongguan manufacturing basis, with 7800 m2 clean workshop, 1200 employees, and internationally top level injection, tool processing and testing equipment, is able to produce 10 million backlights per month. The Hubei manufacturing basis,starting operation in 2006,has larger scale and higher productivity than the Dongguan basis.

Our principle is to build ourselves into the first level enterprise in China and to produce the first level products and provide the first level service in the world. We conduct our business by integrity and industriousness. We seek to provide the first quality services and keep polishing the product quality to satisfy customer’s demands. We have able minded people serving us and the most precision equipment in existence, enabling us to cooperate with customers with all different requirements.
Workshop of Photoelectricity Business Division
The workshop has 60 speed injection machines, including Japan Sumitomo, Toyo and FUNC, with monthly productivity 30kk pcs, of which 10kk are ultra-thin light guide plate.
There are two workshops for assembly, totally 3500m2, equipped with 10 automatic mounting machines from Korea, with monthly productivity 10kk pcs.
The SMT workshop has 2 high speed mounting machines, 2 reflow solders, and other associated equipment for plate parting and testing. We can do mounting to 400,000 LED lamps per day. Each purchased LED lamp must do light split and color separation test in order to meet customer’s requirement.
The film cutting workshop has 14 film cutting machines, 1 slitter and 1 roll slitter, all purchased from abroad, with monthly productivity 20kk pcs, able to cut all different kinds of film materials used for backlight.