FPC Productivity:

Productivity: 60,000 m2
Product type:Battery Board¡¢Rigid-Flex¡¢Vehicle mounted part¡¢TFT Module Board¡¢TP Module Board¡¢LCM Module Board¡¢Smart phones and attached products and etc.
Size:  min 5×8mm   MAX 500×400mm
Board Thickness£º0.07-4.0mm
Min. Line Width:0.045mm
Min. Line Spacing:0.04mm
Copper Thickness:  9-75um
Copper plating tolerance: 3-7um
Min tolerance for profile size: 0.05mm
Surface Finishing:immersion gold,electronic nickle immersion gold,immersion tin,anti-oxidization
OSP :0.2-0.5um
Immersion gold:0.02-0.08mm
Gold plating:0.1-0.8mm
Immersion tin:0.8-1.2mm
Tin plating:0.2-0.5mm

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